A Conversation for Classic Poisons

I can't believe...

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A fabulous entry. smiley - biggrin

I can't believe...

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Baron Grim

I just finished reading it....

Very nice.

But what about Iocain powder? It worked so well in the Princess Bride. smiley - winkeye

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The Dali Llama

An excellent entry overall, but I can't help noticing that you missed curare, one of my personal favorites. Also, what about poison arrow frog(or whatever order those are supposed to go in)?

I can't believe...

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Baron Grim

I'm not sure about curare, but I'm fairly sure that poison dart frog "juice" would be considered a "toxin" rather than a poison as stated in the entry.

I can't believe...

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Malabarista - now with added pony

The thing about curare is that it's perfectly harmless when ingested, it just gets digested, but deadly if the victim has even the smallest wound in the mouth or throat, as it getting into the bloodstream will kill! So no good for poisoning people the traditional way...

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