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ah brilliant! as its description "Spontaneous Exsanguination"'s got- "It is a made-up term -blablablablabla".

Deciduous teeth ay? Tooth Faeries don't build palaces out o the teeth - A floor made of teeth'd just be plain wrong to walk on in the mornings! They use the teeth to practise voodoo on the kids on behalf of advertising agencies that makes kids buy 4 Super-Soakers - each the same, but Brand New With Glitzy Middle Bit-For That H-2-OOH-NOOO!! and of course the Yu-Gi-Ho Martian Madness - With Bonus Laser Pointer for your very own Blinding Powers!! Hate your brother? Kick him in the nuts while he can't See! And of course - Omarion.

Note to self: get me some anal deer glandsmiley - ok

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What's YOUR favourite?

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