A Conversation for Constellations: Puppis 'the Stern'

Thank goodness for the Milky Way!

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Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for your erudite report on this "constellation". I had never heard of it, but was gratified to read some of my "friends" were also mentioned.

The Milky Way however is so special, and living,as I did for twenty one years in Zimbabwe ex Southern Rhodesia, I had the opportunity ot look up nearly every night and see the marvellously black velvety sky and see these myriad of stars - and even on one occasion a oarty of astronauts returning in their space capsule to Cape Canaveral. That was also very emotional. It moved so very fast. Shooting stars are wonderful. I do miss this in England. I have never seen a star yet - or hardly ever. !

Thank you again.


Thank goodness for the Milky Way!

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Hello there Christiane

Thanks for taking the time to comment on Puppis. It is always nice to know that someone has found your efforts enjoyable.

Living as I do on the outskirts of London I know the feeling of missing the sky in all its splendour away from the city lights. I always keep a pair of binoculars in the car just in case I happen to be out and about on a clear night and I can grab a quick look. Those times are few and far between however.

Mrs D and I have some friends with whom we stay in Devon occasionally. They live well away from any lights and humour me when I traipse around outside while everyone else has gone to bed. It’s a rare treat to see the Milky Way laid out across the sky.

I do occasionally get to see the International Space Station go over as well, but the stars are always there.


Thank goodness for the Milky Way!

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Dear Deke,

Thank you for your reply. I really enjoyed reading about it.

Can you really see anything in the sky in England? I think that once or twice, when we were on holiday in Cornwall I did actually look up and see some stars.

......but the International space Station.!!!! Now that is something that I would love to see. I wonder if there are any facilities for foolish old ladies to go and visit an observatory where one could see that marvellous construction of man through a telescope!! The problem is I am in a wheelchair so I would have to either go up to the observatory in a crane (which I would dislike intensely,) or be bundled up on an escalator..... !

Oh dear. What we could do, is we(i.e. you!!)could try to get that dear man who used to do the astronomy programme on TV. Patrick Moore o back and gently persuade him to look at the Space Observatory through a telescope and share it with us. That would really be fascinating and awesomwe.

Can't you organise it.? As the foible of someone, long past her prime, very near her "sell by" date, and who is wishing to experience that wonderfully aweinspiring sight of seeing a man made capsule competing with the stars?

Thank you so much for your super entry

Christiane. AlsoRan80

May I put you down as a Frien so that I can catch any other entries you may write on the celestial skies. ?

Thank goodness for the Milky Way!

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Hello Christiane, Sir Patrick is still doing "The Sky At Night"smiley - ok
you can watch the latest programme on your computer if the timing on the TV is too late for you:


Click on "watch the show" and there are also archives of old programmes available.

I am very lucky to have "dark sky" in my own back garden so I get to star-watch any clear night. I also see shooting stars and was able to see the comet star of 2007 (Comet 17P/Holmes) which I wrote about in the constellation Perseus: A29778952 and also in my astronomy column for The Post.

smiley - tea
Sir Patrick is a very nice person to talk to but he doesn't like using a computer. He still prefers to use his old typewriter to communicate, which I mentioned in his bio: A13785816 and the telephone to talk to people.

I'll ask him when we next have a chat whether he's seen the ISS smiley - smiley

Kind regards,
Galaxy Babe

Thank goodness for the Milky Way!

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Very dear GB

Thank you for your fascinating post. I did not realise that Patrick Moore had been knighted,, He deserves to be.

You are so clever to kow all the stars. My second husband was very keen on astronomy and anything I know about stars - which is virtually nothing - he taught me.
I so enjoyed your posting. Thank you for taking the time to share it with me.

very sincerely,

Christiane. AlsoRam80

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