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A few notes on the Batman posting.
1) Thomas wayne was a doctor. He prlayed his income from medical practice into a business empire.
2) The movie that Bruce and his parents saw prior to their murders was "Zorro", thus implanting the masked hero concept in Bruce's mind at an early and critical stage in his life.
3) The writer mentions not being sure how the Huntress became part of the Batman family. In her original incarnation (in the late 1970's-early'80s) she was the daughter of Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Selena Kyle (Catwoman) of "Earth 2". "Earth 2" was a parallel world invented by DC comics to reconcile the Golden age heroes with their more contemporary incarnations. The concept was abandonded and heroes given new origins/identities in the '90s.

Batman notes

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David B - Singing Librarian Owl

You're absolutely right on all three points. The pre-Crisis Huntress is not mentioned deliberately, as she has no connection (other than name) with the current version. And let's be honest, it is a bit odd that any of the Bat-family ever accepted the current Huntress. She's a great character, but very different to Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Oracle, hence all their frequent fallings out.


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