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Amfitryon Cafe and Bar, Oslo, Norway

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Amfitryon is about two kilometres west of the centre of Oslo, Norway. It's not in the buzzing part of Oslo, but surrounded by residential houses and offices. Nevertheless, it's probably one of the best cafés in the city. It's cheap - a meal is about 80 NoK (about 10 US$), and that's not bad for Oslo. The food is also very good as they spend time making the side salad, with olives and superb dressing. They serve beer too.

They have an eclectic music collection at just the right volume, and the staff are friendly.

The menu is a little limited; but what they do, they do well. It's open from 7am to midnight during the week, and from 11am on Sundays.

In some ways it has a split personality, from breakfast café to night-time bar with hip music, but it makes this transition so smoothly that you feel at home whatever time you visit.

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