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So NOW I know....

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...why (years ago)when I tried to record from a record player to a cassette deck via a DIN cable linking both, why I got that bloody bloody taxi driver breaking in on my tape confirming his next job was a pick-up in Worsley....

...why when I was using the same set-up to record and play back radio programmes, the background noise was a slow steady scrolling through every possible short-wave radio broadcast, with white noise intermittently broken by scraps of music and speech...

...why I can't easily use the phone when the computer or the radio are on (it's like talking through white noise).

Still, this must be the kiss of death to all those people who believe that if they set a tape deck to "record" in an empty room, they're picking up the voices of the dead trying to communicate with them!

No such thing as EVP, more a case of EMP. And it's not your dead granny at all, more likely to be Radio Albania International breaking in! (Or a taxi driver sdeven streets away talking to Doris in control)

So NOW I know....

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And the measure of a scientific article in this context is how well it succeeds in getting abstract concepts over to people who only have O-level Physics (or less),or worse: they have Arts degrees.

I'd give you eight out of ten: some fogginess, but I came out at the end better informed than I had been!

So NOW I know....

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pailaway - (an utterly gratuitous link in the evolutionary chain)

I agree. This subject matter offers a very high risk of boredom, almost insurmountable. But the author did it, and with flying colors. Very well done.<SMILEY TYPE="applause"/>

So NOW I know....

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smiley - blush Thank you both

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