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The Interstate Highway System consists *largely* of exceptions. Here's a few more:

* Many highways which are numbered like "spurs" (above 100, odd-numbered first digits) connect other interstate highways. These include I-335 in Kansas, I-395 in Connecticut/Massachusetts, and I-780 in California.

* Many highways numbered like "connectors" (above 100, even-numbered first digits) are actually "spurs". These include I-264 in Virginia Beach, and I-495 in New York.

* Interstate highways can have huge gaps in them, where they disappear for tens, hundreds, or even thousands of miles, then reappear with the same number. I-495 does this the most, with separate segments in Maine, Massachusetts, New York, and Virginia. I-84 has the largest gap, between Pennsylvania and Utah.

* Some highways change direction, from north-south to east-west. These include I-75 in Florida, and I-69 in Michigan.

* Hawaii has "interstate" highways too, all on the island of Oahu, numbered H1, H2, and H3. Direction seems to play no role in the numbering. Only Alaska has no interstate highways.

Other Exceptions

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The Hawaii freeways are numbered in the sequence in which they were built, so the next one they might undertake would be the H4 (although after 30 years of bungling over H3, I doubt they'd be willing to begin such a project anytime soon).

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I-99, mentioned in the text, actually intersects I76/I70 at Bedford. It extends north toward (not intersecting) I80 (along Rt 220); it also extends south towards (not intersecting) I68 (along Rt 220). It would appear that the destiny of I99 is to become a North/South connector of I80, I76/I70, and I68.

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Sorry for not mentioning I99 is entirely in Pennsylvania going through Altoona.

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