A Conversation for The Scarab Beetle


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Mad Professor

So the ancient Egyptians believed the Sun was a giant ball of dung? smiley - smiley


Post 2

Is mise Duncan

Or it could be bullsh*t smiley - winkeye.

Anyhow - I wanna hear Jerry Lee Lewis sing "goodness gracious, great balls of poo".


Post 3

DjeliBeybi, Sovereign Imperatrix of all Odd Blue Socks, ID

But not just any ball of dung, but a big, yellow, glowing ball... smiley - winkeye

Actually, I think Amon-Ra is involved with this, some how. I'm not as good with Egyptian mythology as I used to be..


Post 4


Maybe the sun-pushing beetle was confused. Well, who wouldn't be, when your billions of times bigger than you've supposed to be?

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