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movie myths?

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French Munky

if you've seen any of the Twentieth Century Fox "Mummy" movies with Brenden Frasier, they depict Scarabs as flesh eating killers that travel in groups and, as seen in graphic depction in the film, crawl into the skin of humans, and eat them from the inside. smiley - weirdsmiley - yuksmiley - run Any thoughts? I doubt this sort of horrible act ever happened, but do you know if it did?

movie myths?

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Researcher 191726

Not a chance. Apart from anything else, scarabs are generally less computer generated than those in the film. They also don't swarm, 'cos the males have a tendency to really irritate each other. While the size in the film isn't far off for certain species, the speed's ludicrous. They have a primarily herbivorous diet, although some of the larger ones do supplement it with small insects for that extra protein zing. The mouthparts also probably couldn't handle boot leather or, for that matter, human flesh, although I stand to be corrected on that.
So no, it couldn't happen with scarabs.

movie myths?

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I think the Scarab swarms in the mummy movies comes from the great plagues that hit, when Moses threatened the pharoh (I think it was ramsis)

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