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The Apprentice

Freddy's jumper was red and green (not black) and he also wore a brown fedora, another significant trademark of his character.

His anguish and violence was rooted in a childhood of massive abuse and mistreatment, both in an asylum to the sound of his mother's dying screams, raised by unsavoury street-dwellers and criminals, carried through early childhood by a savage and sadistic pimp, before finally being forced to hit the road.

Raised to place very little value upon people and with a philosophy based on his adopted father's belief that children were a waste of time and space, he finally turned to murder after a group of kids attempted to rob him while he lay drunk in an alleyway. In that brief encounter he mortally wounded one of the children - and his entire life views snapped into focus with an incredible feeling of pleasure that one of the worlds useless children had been removed. He hid away the disfigured body - having inflicted additional wounds after the original encounter with his father's favourite razor - and so Krueger's killing spree - in life - began.

Ultimately, having killed at least twenty children in the small town of Springwood, he was taken to trial but released on a technicality. The sheriff and local neighbourhood took the law into their own hands and set fire to the boiler room in which Freddy worked - believing that they had put an end to his terrible crimes.

Little did they know...

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Shallow 15

Additionally, on the production end...Robert Englund did play Freddy in all seven of the "Elm Street" films.

The main difference being that the 7th "Wes Craven's New Nightmare" brought Freddy out of the movies and into the real world, where he terrifed the cast of the original Nighmate on Elm Street, including Heather Langenkamp, Wes Craven, and Robert Englund himself. (Yes, everyone was playing themselves in this movie)

Also, there was a considerable difference in personality with this version of Freddy. Whereas, the Freddy in the first six films was an invincible supernatural powerhouse with a rather pointed, but very witty, sense of humor (which was another of his endearing traits as opposed to filmdoms other major slashers Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, both of whom never said anything) The New Nightmare Freddy was a much more dark and grim individual who made one joke during the entire course of the film, and that one was downright chilling as opposed to humorous.

---The 5.5th Doctor

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Okay, I'm curious. What was the joke?

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Researcher 206157

I think the joke was somthing about skinning the cat when he was pullin Julie across the ceiling.

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Researcher 206157

This is my first message ,too!

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