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Much? We don't know SQUAT!

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Xavius The Whale

I have very simple beliefs about religion. I have a very simple philosophy of life. It's just that everybody else's are so complicated with yer commandments or whatever it happens to be. I always end up having to explain it. That seems strange to me. I replace page after page, chapter after chapter, book after book on the subject with two words - "Actually, no..". This is where people have difficulty. Let's take the example of Christianity. Adam and Eve. We all know it is a story to illustrate that God made the world and us humans, intentionally. Ok, fine, you think. So be it. But the world seems to have come into existence all by itself. Just a coincidence that all the elements, etc. And just a coincidence that we happen to be this shape, and think this way. For all we know, there could have been a civilisation of tiny people, with tiny little planes, and tiny little cities, millions of years ago. I'm not saying that there was, but the possibility is there. If these people did exist, there would be no trace of them today, if it was long enough ago. If some distaster wiped us out, give 500 million years, and there'd be no sign on the planet that we'd ever existed. Perhaps traces would remain out it deep space (an incorrect term really, we are in deep space), but even that is unlikely, debris would crash into other things and be eroded.. yadayada. I have strayed slightly from the point. But none of THAT matters because eventually (and I mean eventually</B&gtsmiley - winkeye the universe will contract into a single point. And we shall be, if not long dead, then short dead. Grammer, schmammer. Or syntax or whatever that was. So we are all, eventually, doomed. Why are we alive? Why does the universe exist? Where does space come from? When did time start? What happens when the point explodes? What does yellow smell like? What colour is space? Black? Black isn't a colour. If it is, then there must be something black surrounding the universe. Is there? The universe is expanding, will it be squashed by the black thing. WHO CARES? The whole universe may as well not exist. But because it does, we may as well enjoy it and frankly, **** why we're here! We've got rock music!

And the moral off the story is: that's ten minutes of your life that you are never getting back. So what?

The above is what I believe. I might be wrong, but I can't see any major problems with that at the moment.

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Much? We don't know SQUAT!

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