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Blue Bird

well written, if I'd would know english better, I would have written the same " thing" the same way.
I am afraid of believers, because you can not say: " no" to them and if you say yes, you are just a damn fool.
On the top of it all ; TRUE BELIEVERS can be very dangerous people if they believe in the wrong idea, or what ever the subject of their believe is destructive, though they don't see it that way.

Now if i believe that that believer is wrong how can you tell who is right or wrong??? This is a very sticky stuff. Sometimes I get "goospimpels" when I hear from a fairy " intelligent", " educated" person a belive which is dead wrong, yet I might not be able to proove it on the spot what is wrong. So I remain just deeply silent. Uhhh!!!
I am a newbie: my name is Jung Wing. I am shy and really don't know if anybody understand what I am trying to say. Thanx anyway.

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