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I live by my beliefs and act/reason based on my morals/values. I know the human species is almost pathetic in a parasitic way. what we (as a society) live for and what is important to us ($) is nothing. I think people sould think for themselves, know who they truely are, be who they truely are, know that some of the only things you're going to keep when you leave this planet are the relationships that you've gained through interacting w/ other people(souls) in this life, and the knowledge you've aquired (i also think karma will be with you always, possibly effecting you in future lives, but i can't prove that yet). Believe...in what. Beliefs have proven to be an excellent way to manipulate people (ex-religion), blindly lead by the blindy-corrupted. There is no bodily form of pure good nor evil, we make good/evil in the choices we make, there for bringing the consiquences upon ourselves via karma. Believe to me can not be based on the tiny picture most lives are seen through on this one little dot called earth. 'Beleive in nothing'. when you read that what do you think? believe in nothing as in no meaning or reason, or do you think believe in what you think is right- based on the knowledge or information you've come across so far. Follow your intuition and always be willing to learn or see the bigger picture. never set your beliefs in stone (christianity), b/c -as we are always being shown with research and such- no matter how much you think you know, its only the smallest fragment of what there really is. I believe that if everyone was shown and understood the bigger picture, they'd realize what is really important in life. they would see through the pety coruptions that over run our societies. People would know and be who they are, and make the best of this life. Read the lyrics to imagine by j.Lennon. I believe that this is possible, and that- to me- is the outcome or product of anarchy. Anarchy being no rules, living life in peace and massive expanse of our knowledge of...everything. A few poeple I've met say that people are so blinded by these corruptions that it is impossible to teach them. I disagree. if a person(obviuosly having a soul thus having morals/values) was to understand and see through these false beliefs (not false but not based on the bigger picture, not seeing the whole picture). basically i think if a person can be taught corruption they can be taught the opposite. If I (having a body & a soul) could see through these beliefs and ways of life, than anyone can. I think you wouldn't even have to relate the bigger picture to this world or life for them, b/c anyone who understood would make the right choices. I think our morals/values in this world have to be somewhat the same. or atleast coming from somewhat or a much larger perspective. Then, you could live by intuition and not think twice, do whats right b/c it's what you think is right, see things for what they really are, and realize that the matter you see today can be gone tommorow and doesn't provide one with true happieness. Happieness to me is knowing, being, and living by who you are. Living life, learning from life, and lovin it. Although the purpose of life on this planet to me is still not fully clear. I think I'm here to learn (but isn't that all you do n life, experience, analyze, learn , w/ karma as consiquences. so basically to conclude my rambling...belief= belief in nothing but you. be true to yourself and applied to everything in life. make choices based on your morals/values and always be willing to learn. thats what lifes about...atleast a large factor of our time is spent on that.


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hear, hear. wonderfully written, my man. i don't think i would've written it any differently. i lie, there are a few things i would have said differently, but that's just my sarcastic side always coming out. mainly i just want to add that the reason life exists is to propigate life. anything else is self-directed personal fulfilment. now as to why sapience exists is a whole 'nother line of thought.


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