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The Pixie's Greatest Effect on Humanity

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Mr. Tuvai

No entry about Pixies would be complete without mentioning their greatest invention, Pixie Stix. They're little more than sugar and artificial flavors in a paper straw, but hey, what more could you ask for in a candy?

The Pixie's Greatest Effect on Humanity

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Another "interesting" item the pixies have bestowed on me in my life is Nuclear Pixie Dust. Its a noxious substance hat they shake from the ceiling of old houses when they get remodeled. The landlord at my last apartment swore it was only the dust settling from that awful "spray on texture" but I know the truth . Nucler Pixie Dust.. the only cure i found was to cover the celing with draped fabric and hope it didnt irritate the pixies too much.


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The Pixie's Greatest Effect on Humanity

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