A Conversation for Stories to Scare Tourists in Australia


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Is anyone aware of the Yowie? A creature living in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, akin to Sasquatch or Bigfoot.


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celestial duck-child

also a *delicious* cadbury chocolate treat with a toy inside designed to terrorise young minds into thinking that bunyips actually exist


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Researcher 212057

The first description is pretty spot on. The Yowie is basically part of Aboriginal legend and is as frightening to Australian children as the Boogey Man to other cultures.

Indeed as a child camping I remember my mother warning me not to wander off as the Yowies would get me. They're also known in some areas as Wommies.

They're described as large gorilla like creatures covered in brown fur. Usually with large fangs and blood curdling screams to boot.

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