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Appalling editing

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Wandering back to my article on Putney after a long sojourn, I was disgusted to see some minor 'improvements' have been made.

I recommended a dentist in Putney. I did this after a great deal of thought. There are many mediocre and downright bad detists around. If you go to a bad one, you will suffer pain. What's more, if you lose teeth unnecessarily you will find yourself eating inferior food and dying before your time. The dentist concerned is not a friend of mine, and was chosen for his professional expertise and dedication.

Having decided to remove the recommendation, the editor left in the fact that there is an excellent dentist in Putney High Street, transforming a useful recommendation into one of the most boring and unhelpful pieces of advice to be found anywhere on the internet.

Later in the Entry, there's some very clumsy and ungrammatical editing around the mention of Month Python.

Eeyore challenges the culprit, or culprits, to a duel on Putney Heath. You may contact my seconds at [email protected] to arrange the details. smiley - sadface

Appalling editing

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Phoenician Trader

I doubt if duelling is allowed under the new rules on H2G2 unless it can also take place on a Web enabled mobile phone.

I have this picture of two researches with towels draped over their shoulders facing each other at the crest of a hill on a hazy London morning pointing mobile phones at each other with their untamed hair being ruffled in the wind; honour satisfied if nothing happens; going for a couple of pints (even before lunchtime) to help settle their systems down about after all of the excitement.

smiley - lighthouse

An of course an article in The Post.

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