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Eliminating Plastic Bags

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I'm not really here

My MP is a corrupt Tory, so no.

Eliminating Plastic Bags

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Kat - From H2G2

I'm scared of my MP, she's a Tory too.

Besides...there IS the thing that if we didn't have plastic bags you wouldn't be able to fold them up...or would be reduced to folding freezer bags and those nappy bags smiley - erm

Eliminating Plastic Bags

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There was a time, only a couple of years ago, when one of the larger supermarket chains gave the customer 1p for every plastic shopping bag that they re-used. I've been re-using plastic bags for years anyway, but I thought it was a good incentive. However, this idea seems to have fizzled out and the current craze for having a member of staff pack for you seems to me to be once again increasing the number of plastic bags we go home withsmiley - erm. I always insist on packing my own shopping - partly so I can re-use my own bags, but also because I don't have a car and I need to pack my purchases in a way that enables me to carry them home without crippling myself.

And what the heck is that business where some check-out staff put your chilled purchases in a little tiny plastic bag before putting them in the bigger one?smiley - huh

Eliminating Plastic Bags

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Ive been reading thorugh this thread and noticed that it is thought that if we use them as bin liners we are re-cycling them?smiley - erm Not quite true I afraid?
You see, all that happens there is that they end up on a land refill tip, where because they are plastic, they never rot!

I like them TV progs where they dig up artifacts from the past, but what are our future generations going to dig up??smiley - erm
Plastic throw away items, plastic bottles... the list is endlesssmiley - wah

Fact is, we live in a cheap throw away worldsmiley - wah

I stopped one day while out in our car, and saw a team of workers picking up litter thrown out of carssmiley - erm
When I went over to talk with them, they told me that about 90% of what they pick up is plasticsmiley - ermsmiley - sadface
smiley - cheersSmudger,

Eliminating Plastic Bags

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fords - number 1 all over heaven

And where does a lot of recycled plastic get used? As the insides of cars...

Eliminating Plastic Bags

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I'm not really here

The best way to stop throing plastic away is to not buy any. I'll always buy something in a glass or metal container over plastic if there is a choice.

The less things we buy wrapped in plastic, the less profitable it will be to make it, and hopefully the less it will be sold.

Eliminating Plastic Bags

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But I bet she's never been on h2g2's Front Page, has she? Well done, Kat.smiley - ok

Eliminating Plastic Bags

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Here in the U.K. we are only starting to do our bit for recycling! My sister has lived in Holland most of her life, and they have been recycling glass, tin, plastic ever since the 70ssmiley - ok

In fact, they are very strict about it, any household not complying, get fined by the local councilsmiley - ok

It is the manufacturers and packaging companies we need to change, as it is they who are packaging all our goodssmiley - erm

I am no "tree hugger" by any means, its just that our generation was brought up on the principal of no wastagesmiley - oksmiley - coolsmiley - winkeye
smiley - cheersSmudger,

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