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'toastie' leakage

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tonderai (wearing an itchy baobab hat)

Yes i am a student, and yes i usually do eat at least two toasties a day. 'Toastie' is the colloquial word for a 'toasted sandwich' in the UK. I'm not sure about other countries - any feedback on this? Because of me and my flatmates' (possibly excessive) consumption, we have had endless discussions about the right type of bread to minimise leakage of the (often liquid) contents. The bread must be the right size and shape to be properly sealed at the edges. The thickness and porocity (size of the holes in the bread) are also important. Interestingly, cheese seems to have 'self-sealing' properties - as soon as the cheese melts and comes into contact with the hot plate it fries, solidifies and seals the hole preventing further leakage. This makes it an especially suitable filling when the bread's not up to scratch.

'toastie' leakage

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I miss my university toastie eating days...ahh...the smell of burning cheese. There used to be this guy called Pad in our halls of residence, and he would just make rounds and rounds of toasties and hand them out in the tv room after the bar had closed - fantastic! smiley - cheers

'toastie' leakage

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in my old uni, a guy made one out of chocolate.......lets just say it didnt go to well

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