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What's missing here is some other words... i.e., what would you do if some German guy really ***** you off? smiley - winkeye)

If that is of any interest to you... can't help you with Finnish but with Germansmiley - smiley

Just ask me.



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I didn't check out h2g2 in the last time, so I haven't been present to the discussions concerning my page. Anyway, now I am back again.

Well, I had some swearwords on this page. But I removed them all. A few people adviced me to do so, and I thought it's better this way.

There are some disadvantages of swearwords on such a page:
- As you can see this is quite a serious language guide, and swearwords would spoil it a bit.
- Swearwords are not a very essential part of the language, and the original title of this page was "The Essential Finnish". Many people can swear in any language, but not speak.
- Many swearwords are subject to change. They might be contemporary, but tomorrow they are more than redicioulus.

Nevertheless, thanks for the advice, there has been a version of this page with swearwords.
And don't forget, this is a Finnish page. They called it English/German/Finnish, but actually the German column has only one purpose: That Germans can learn the Finnish phrases easily. The page is made for English speakers and Germans who want to learn Finnish. When I integrated the German column I already had the fear that this page that is dedicated to this great language could be "abused" for things like learning German.


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Okay, okay, I'm sorry... to me, you didn't really make your intention clear enough. I mean your intention of teaching people Finnish words ONLY. Sure it's a beautiful language. So is mine.

Anyway, what I posted was only meant to be a joke, don't take it that seriously. I had already realized what kind of guide this is.


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