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The mechanical pencils man

The statement on VAT isn't quite true, sales tax is levied on the whole price and is devilishly irritating, as any1 who ahs recently bin 2 the usa will tell u. VAT is levied on the value added (the price of the origional raw materials sutracted from the sales revenue) and in this respect differes from sales tax.

To say there are only 3 types of tax is a gross over simplification. Under which of the 3 headings would u place taxes on savings, TV licences (some of it does go to the govt.), council tax or inheritances? Sorry for such pedantry, but it had 2 b said

suubtle adjustments

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St. tar-palantir (patron saint of left-handers)

Inheritance tax is a form of income tax I suppose, I haven't got any idea about the others

suubtle adjustments

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It's the local council tax that seems to take the largest chunk of my money, grumble grumble.

suubtle adjustments

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St. tar-palantir (patron saint of left-handers)

Can't argue with that

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