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Some dogs, generally the friendlier type, after you get them home and settled, will adopt the king, or queen of the castle syndrome. This can be good, and bad.
Symptoms-General curiosity, pet needs to know where all people are in the house, not matter how big, or small the residence.
-the shadow game, pet follows owner everywhere, once again, no matter the size of residence (with the kind of noses dogs have they shouldn't need to follow you to know where you are)
-and in addition to the afforementioned symptoms, the pet demands attention, regardless of what you're doing (ie scoot under desk, and sneak up in your lap)
These dogs want to know what's goin' on, who's doin' what, and who is going to throw their next ball?
Conclusion-While all of these behaviours, at times, can be very annoying, they are the qualities of endearing dogs, the ones that stay in the hearts and minds of their owners, forever.

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