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Gag Halfrunt

you forgot to mention they attract some half decent musicians, (like Ian Brown, hehe)

Keele over

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yeah they have some really cool people,NOT, this year at the christmas party, we were supposed to have "east 17" (how cool is that!!!) but they pulled out at the last minute so instead we got the fabulously world famous chesney hawkes who after several drinks was completly unrecognisable because he didnt have his pretty boy "curtains" hair cut and, things being a little hazy, his mole was quite hard to see also. Much disappointment because he didnt sing the one song that he is famous for, (i am the one and only). the only redemption was "the red hot silly feckers" who played a great set in k2. All this said it was still a really good night.

King Chesny

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Hi Princess!

Yep, Chesney did play the Xmas party, and very nice of him to do so at one days notice. He also did play I Am The One and Only, which for some reason seems to be a Keele anthem; I agree, I don't know why either!

King Chesny

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That song was a ballroom anthem back in the heady days of the late 90's and its still going now. How cool is that?
Do they still play "Never Forget" by Take That and "New York New York"?

King Chesny

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They played Take That on election night...smiley - smiley

As well as Chesney, recently (in the last two years) we've had Idlewild, the Thrills, the Darkness...and coming up - Jools Holland!

King Chesny

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DJ Fish here: yup, I still play NY NY - there still hasn't been any other song that can finish a night quite like it (and annoy the bar staff as well), apart from maybe Bright Side of Life by the Pythons... As for Never Forget, I only get the chance to play that at the Golfers now, but there are still some people who know the Keele 'dance' moves!

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