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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

One of my schoolfriends went to Keele in... 1974?

I can vouch for the fact that it was a pretty wild place with little in the way of studying going on. But bars in all the halls? I often visited my friend in Lindsay Hall, and then later in another hall at the other end of the campus, the name of which escapes me but which was close to the sports hbuilding, and the only bar I recall was the one at the Union.

I was there several times during the summer, when the place was taken over by Open University summer school students. Apparently the condom machines had to be refilled a couple of times a day rather than once or twice a week during term time, because all the regular (female) students were on the pill smiley - laugh


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Well as a current 3rd Year student, I can say with some confidence that there are now bars in all of the Halls. However, Lindsey Bar is now run by the University rather than the Union (and believe me there's a big difference in where the money goes). I may write something on Keele and the 'Students v. Conference Guests' debate at some point if I can summon up the bile . . .



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In my first year "how many bars are there on campus?" was a pub quiz question - the answer was 19! It includes....KPA. Keele Hall, Sams Bar etc....


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am in my first year at keele uni after being away from the world of education for a little while. all i can say is that if your at keele you dont need to go out anywhere else, there is something on most nights and its cheaper than going into town!!


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Ah the parties!

They certainly still happen, complete with sound systems, bar and chemists! Even the police have been getting involved; they quite happily supplied a helicopter to provide additional lighting via a searchlight, just so that everyone could roll their spliffs up more easily - very nice of them!

By the way - who's nicked the name Fishface? That's me!


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