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I have just picked up my new passport from the Consulate. My old one doesn't run out for 3 years but they won't sew pages in it (unlike the US who will put in so many extra pages some of their passports are square)and I've used up every centimetre of the old one.
It took a week to process and the queues were very efficiently marshalled BUT it cost HK$750 which is sixty quid.Old passports used to have the gold embossed, but it's impossible to tell the front from the back in the one I've just exchanged and some of its pages are very loose indeed.I'll have to look for one of those naff passport covers they used to sell at Blackpool, must be available in HK somewhere. Chunters off to re-arrange timetable so that she can have a day to renew the work permit and another to renew the China visa

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There's a coincidence

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