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videos available?

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i believe i rented a couple of DM videos from BlockBuster Video (in West Orange, NJ, USA) years ago. Know of comercial releases on video or DVD ?

videos available?

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In the past, Dangermouse was shown in 2 different formats in the UK. The second time aorund, the episodes were shown in their entirety as a single 22 minute episode, however the preferred way of watching DM was the way it was shown originally.

Originally, the episode was split into 5x5minute chunks, but as this meant that there was now 25 minutes of programming to fill they had Brian Truman do a voiceover at the end in the style of the 1930s serials - for example "Will DM excape from the evil clutches of Baron Silas Greenback? Will Stilleto trigger the Custard Pie machine? Will Penfold ever write to his Granny in Abergavenny?".

These voiceovers only started out relevent to the plot, then they deteriorated rapidly into surreality of almost Pythonesque levels.

There was, in the mid 80s, several video compilations of various DM episodes. These tapes always showed the episode in a single edit, but there were the occasional tapes that had pauses between the episodes. These pauses loked like nothing more than a white screen filled with the DM logo, but all sorts of shenanigans were going on in the Narrator's booth, all of which could be heard and were wonderfully voiced by David Jason. These included such bizzare happenings as Greenback sneaking in and stealing the Narrator's bicycle pump.

Nowadays, there are 2 DVDs in the UK (Region2) called, originally enough, Dangermouse Vol 1 and 2. They sell for about 8.50GBP and contain the following episodes :-

Vol 1 (PTDVD8097) - Custard/Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind/The Duel/The Day of the Suds/The Bad Luck Eye of the Little Yellow God/The Four Tasks of Dangermouse

Vol 2 (PTDVD8106) - The Invasion of Colonel K/Danger Mouse Saves The World...Again!/The Oddball Run-a-Round/The Wild, Wild Goose Chase/The Return Of Count Duckula/Demons Aren't Dull

They are distributed by PT Video and thankfully don't wear out - I've watched all sorts of DM vids on tape many times and they always died on me before I got bored with them.

videos available?

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Wow, I'm so excited to hear there are some DVDs. If only there are some Region One versions for us poor Americans....

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