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Totally unnecessary

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Cheerful Dragon

I've heard the new version of Feed the World, and it's rubbish. There was a certain quality, and also a rawness, to the original that this one lacks. I just can't listen to it. Hubby and I reckoned that the only justification for it was as a fund-raiser. Then I saw something on Sunday where a representative of one of the aid agencies said they don't need it. His words were along the lines of, "There is no new emergency. We don't need another Band Aid. What we need is changes to the infrastructure of this country (Ethiopia) so that the funds and supplies that we *do* have actually get to the people who need them." So that makes the single totally unnecessary. I always did think it was a complete waste of space.smiley - grr

Totally unnecessary

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not totally,because original is unique and the second is an attempt to be original

Totally unnecessary band aid song

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sir bob would do better to direct his attention to the main causes of the problem i.e.
1).the western banks ( that'l be B1 A1 R1 C1 L1 A1 Y1 S1 THEN) giving the thirld world countries so much money they can never repay the interest so the debt grows and grows unlike the nation or its crops and then big international companies come in and give the goverments bribes to get mining or developement rights doing strip mining or using cheap and enviromentaly dangerous production methods. Then the now corrupt 3rd world goverment buys arms and trains its new army (most dictators sorry governors use troops from one area to police another) with methods in how to kill and bully the local populace and not how to build.
2).The corrupt officials in all areas of goverment all over the world especially the undermentioned countries (well okay all of G8 then)for allowing the firms to do it with the foriegn offices blessing.
3).The british american and european arms industry for being so short sighted and corrupt by bribing the said 3rd world countries into spending more money on things they dont need and the banks dont care because in the end they get all their money back plus all the interest earnt and they make millions from the knowledge of where the next developements are taking place and do insider trading style deals.
is it any wonder the americans are hated all over the world for the way they blunder about trying to set the world right and make it safe with bad intel and even worse ignorance of the way the locals live and work and then you find out some big american corp is about to do a deal or assist with a big developement funny old thing.
he should write songs about the way the goverments run the west and the east and how banks line their own coffers to pay the shareholders the dividends

Totally unnecessary band aid song

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Band Aid 20 was simply the warm-up for a large campaign - http://www.makepovertyhistory.org

One of it's aims is to have all unpayable debts cancelled.

Totally unnecessary

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I don't think you should say that it is totally rubbish because it's for such a good cause and it's better that they got new singers/bands invovled instead of re-releasing the old one which some people would class as "gypo". Even if the record isn't good it can't be totally rubbish since it is helping lots of starving people!

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