A Conversation for Food and the Colour Blue

Blue Licorice Ice Cream

Post 1

Barneys Bucksaws

Years ago my parents owned a corner store, and we got blue licorice ice cream. It was lovely-great flavour and this solid blue colour. When you made a milkshake with it, the drink was a pale blue colour. It became a specialty at our little coffee counter, simply blue licorice ice cream (1, 2, or 3 scoops), vanilla flavouring and milk.

Blue Licorice Ice Cream

Post 2

Researcher 1300304

man i loved licorice ice cream. i only ever see it now at the occassional gelato place.

Blue Licorice Ice Cream

Post 3

Barneys Bucksaws

I know, and its still my favourite. I have to have some whenever I see it!

Blue Licorice Ice Cream

Post 4


OMG! I want some! I'd never heard of that before, but it sounds so good!!! smiley - magic

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