A Conversation for Food and the Colour Blue

Blue drinks (and ice pops)

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umm, Amaranth might be dangerous, but blue foods can cause much badness. The food colouring they use for blue in blue panda pops, ice poles and tongue painter lollies caused such high levels of hyperactivity, iritability and borderline ADHD (I know, repeat of the H)in my secondary school that they pulled them all from the tuck shop. My friends were well aware of the effects, and would have blue junk binges before hyping out. It was not pretty.

Also, it never worked on me - E129 or, sunset yellow, is the one that gets me. Otherwise known as 'sherbet lemons'...

Oh, and fish makes red onions turn blue..

Blue drinks (and ice pops)

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I personally have a thing about black amaranth seed, traditionally ground for flour and used by the native Americans of the Valley of Mexico to make bread and tortillas an attractive cast iron gray in color - like new cast iron without the surface gloss.

Its getting difficult to find black amaranth seed in the stores, though.

Its been largely displaced by the somewhat less robust corn meal yellow seed.

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Blue drinks (and ice pops)

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