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English grammar is guidelines.

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I recently had the occasion to write to a friend about my writing style. When attempting to write "English grammar, while useful, is only guidelines," I ran into the old 'collectivity' problem. 'are only guidelines' isn't right. Must I insert some collective noun ('is a set of guidelines')? Or change the verb ('is composed of guidelines')? Or change the subject altogether ('The rules of grammar are...')?
Being the non-conformist, I insisted on my right to free expression and decided 'guidelines' is already a set, can be considered a singular collective noun and therefore, my original construction, though awkward sounding, is essentially correct. Tough tarts if they don't like it. Ummm, who 'they' is doesn't concern me...

English grammar is guidelines.

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Madam Kat, Goddess of things left writhing on the doorstep or half-digested under the bed.

Sounds good to me. smiley - ok

English grammar is guidelines.

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thanx for the vote of confidence, fifi hermione jezebel - yikes! so i take it youre a leo... someone sent me this website today:
i found it hilarious, but hey, i might have a warped sense of humor. i went to your space and found an interesting conversation about dna ID cards. hope no one minds if i join in the fray.

so thanx again. may the force etc. etc. ;o)

English grammar is guidelines.

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While people may see grammar as a mere set of guidelines that should not be the case. I will give you IM's, text messaging, poetry and slang to anihilate, but when it comes to speaking to everyone there needs to be some semblance of order. Because it really makes my ears bleed to hear somepeople destroy basic speech.

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