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Jay walker

For years I've wanted to know -'Who says what is right /wrong in English. The French have theis Academy,the Dutch are always revising their spelling-how are these things decided in English ?
I have a dislike of using 'PH' for 'F' am I wrong, foolish or,perhaps
a little odd ?

Who says ?

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This post is a little old I know, I don't think anyone actually regulates english. The dictionary states what is what, but they vary from publisher to publisher.
That is probably why english has so many oddities, along with the fact that english is a mish-mash of other languages.

From what I see on the net and in other places, an area of the country may start to use a word and if it becomes popular enough it will be put in the dictionary. Chav, for instance is a relatively new addition to the english dictionary.


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