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Adultery was proved to be the greatest aphrodisiac in the world. In 70's Cambridge or Oxford researchers published an astonishing paper in NATURE. A large number of couple[about 1000 plus] volunteers were chosen. First they were asked to have sexual intercourse with each other's marriage partners and after that swap husbands and wives. The following results were found in all cases:
1. Seminal retention of semen by women when mated with their husbands=10-15%

2. Seminal retention of all women after having sex with other women's husbands= 80-95%
3. Ejeculation by adulterous partners was almost immediate.

These astonishing results were repeated all over the world and exactly the same results were found to be true. Adultery, therefore is the greatest aphrodisiac. No wonder men find other guy's wife to be more gorgeous than his supermodel wife and vice versa. So can we assume that even GOD approves of adultery?


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Immediate ? Whats the point of that then ? smiley - laugh Not in my experience..smiley - winkeye


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well i had a affair with tracey ,, great time yes shes friends with wife ,, i still see tracey now ,, NO SEX realy ,,,just great mates
why did we do it ,,, JUST HAPPEN ,,we both gave in to want ,,,
to this day were best mates ,,, and the wife was told of are affair smiley - smooch


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Interesting statistics.
I think, if they are true, they suggest more of inherent problems in marriage relationships rather than an aphrodisiac response.
Is there any mention in the study of the effect the experiment had on the lives of the participants and their longer term relationships?
Did out-of-marriage sex become the norm? How many marriages failed because they were not strong enough to withstand the attraction of another man’s wife or another woman’s husband?
……….and whilst we might be talking some basic human behaviour, I don’t think God would approve.
I would be interested in your thoughts.

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