A Conversation for Propositional Logic


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Smiley Ben

Are you intending to write an accompanying article on Predicate logic? If you're not, I'll do one - it would be a good complement...


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Yes, it was my intent to write a series of articles on various topics in mathematics, starting from the basics and working my way up. I'll certainly do one on predicate logic. I may also write articles on deductive proofs and modal logic (the former being necessary to comprehend for advanced math and the latter merely being something cool almost nobody has ever heard of). Due to the overwhelming popularity of this article (I've gotten 3 thank you's already and it hasn't been up for more than a day), I'm going to write one on predicate logic very soon.


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Hrm. Y'know, I've never heard of predicate logic...

I shall be waiting anticipatorially smiley - smiley



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predicate logic? ya know i never could figure the stuff out; it's all so subjective.


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I havn't seen anything on Predicate Logic but I might try to do this myself once I get some time and learn how to use GuideML

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