A Conversation for Propositional Logic

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Engels42 (Thingite Minister of Leaky Ethics and Spiffyness)

I havn't heard that good of an explanation on Logic ever. Thanks, great article. smiley - smiley

I feel so enlightened now

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Good stuff. Makes logic almost logical. I want to practice:
'If you do the same job with predicate logic then I might be able to understand it.'

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Wow... You managed to condense into a few paragraphs half the content of the Intro to Logic course I took last quarter. Now I feel like a waisted a whole lot of tuition smiley - winkeye

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bucephalus as in the aphex twin song or bucephalus as in alex the great's favourite horse?

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Alexander the Great's horse. It's a nice, uncommon and relatively meaningful name(as compared to names like "Crimson" and "Tommy344098"), although sometimes I'm told it sounds like an STD.

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