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well done :)

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Rod, Keeper of Pointless and/or funny discussions or statements

just wanted to say great entry! very compete.smiley - ok


well done :)

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Gnomon - time to move on

Thanks! smiley - ok

Golden Mountain

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And when I see gold, I see a golden pyramid of the Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis.

Meaning the Great Pyramid at 91,575,000 cubic feet but without a capstone of 2,530 cubic feet, so a body volumes of 91,572,470 cubic feet.

And when I fill 7 capstones each capstone of 2,530 cubic feet with silver at 655 pounds per cubic foott, I have 11,600,050 pounds of silver. And the basic reference number for the goddess Isis is 58 + 58 is 116.

So the capstone filled 7 times with silver relates to the goddess Isis.

But Isis can transform herself into the jaguar, the most ferocious land based beast on planet Earth.

The jaguar has an average gestation period of 101.5 days, so x 2 is the reference number 203. And the jaguar at 203 + 203 is 406 or 7 times Isis at 58.

So see the jaguar, and see the Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, the beast of the Mayans and Aztecs.

OK, so pour gold at 1,205 pounds per cubic foot into the body of the Great Pyramid at 91,572,740 cubic feet it will weigh 4,926,1083.19 tons and reciprocated is the jaguar at 2.03000002e-08

Thus silver and gold reveals the Ancient Egyptian god Isis.


The Stars and Stripes at a field area of 6480 square units and the area of the canton of 50 stars reveals the jaguar at 203

Golden Mountain

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gold leaf is eaten and foil is used in paintings in russian art and tamil tanjure art for aurvedic patients gold ash is given for strength

Golden Mountain

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Gnomon - time to move on

Very funny, JDavidM! smiley - laugh Yes, you neatly summarise the sort of rubbish that fanatics can come up with.smiley - biggrin

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