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How to Make a Teriyaki Burger

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The Teriyaki burger is something of an aesthetic speciality. It's one of those meals that you have to get right, if you want to get the most out of it. Sure, you can still eat it if it's been made a bit sloppily, but then you won't really get to appreciate the meal.


  • One eight-inch bap1 with a small hole in the middle
  • Dried onion slices
  • 1lb minced hamburger steak (or an eight-inch hamburger)
  • One large Portobello mushroom
  • A jar of Japanese Teriyaki sauce
  • Swiss cheese


  1. If you've opted to make the burger out of the steak, then make it into an 8 inch circle, 1 inch thick. This is more advisable than using a ready-made hamburger, unless you can find one exactly the right shape.

  2. After this, marinade the burger in the Teriyaki sauce for 3-4 hours.

  3. Then fry the burger on both sides for a few minutes and keep adding more sauce.

  4. Fry the mushroom and the onions in the pan as well, or separately if you can be bothered.

  5. While the burger, onions and the mushroom are cooking, add a little butter to the bun and lightly grill it.

  6. Add more sauce to the burger, put the burger on the bap, and pile on the onion and cheese, making sure it's properly stacked.

  7. Put the mushroom on the burger upside down, so that the stalk is poking out of the hole in the bap. You are now finished.

1A soft, flattish bread roll.

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