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How the heck do you do knees?

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Martin Harper

No matter how often I try, I always have difficulty getting hair off my knees. The skins looser there, too, so it's more painful... smiley - bruised


How the heck do you do knees?

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Just for the background and to add to the wider discussion, I am a man who has in the last 18 months got into full body waxing and I think it looks and feels much better. I don't do it myself as I prefer someone who knows what they're doing to carry out such procedures, especially in the "bikini" area - you REALLY don't want to get that part wrong.

The girl (yes, she's very pretty but young enough to be my daughter and she's a highly professional and skilled beauty therapist and thats the start and end of our relationship and anyway I'm completely happily married) who does my treatments told me that the reason the knees are difficult to wax is down to the moisture of the skin there or rather the lack of it. Apparently, there needs to be a certain amount of moisture in the skin for waxing to be optimally effective and the skin on the knees is for some reason are dryer than the areas around. So if you moisturise your knee caps thoroughly every day for a couple of weeks before waxing, it should help remove the hairs there come treatment time.


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How the heck do you do knees?

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