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Lugnuts (or lugs) are a rather vital part of an automobile as they are the bolts, or screws that hold on the wheels, thereby allowing removal in the event of tyre failure. The removal of these is performed by a lug wrench which, contrary to popular belief, is not only a self-defence item.

After ensuring that you have the correct size lug wrench - the wrong size will strip off the head of the lugnut, even if only a little loose, making removal practically impossible. Remember you only need to strip one to make a bad day into a bad week - and that you have removed any plastic or thin metal caps on lugnuts, turn the wrench in a counter-clockwise direction to remove.

The car must be supported by the jack when removing lugs, you may need to have some of the weight of the car on the tyre so it does not turn instead of the lug. Turn each lug just enough to get it started, then jack the car the rest of the way up. Always put a block in front of and behind the opposite corner wheel and put the emergency brake on

If you have trouble remembering which way you turn the lugnuts (or any screw) when looking from the top, remember this phrase (or sing it like a jingle if you're a persistently cheerful type):

'Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey.'

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