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Does it have to be a circle

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Terry Pratchett`s "The Science of Discworld, see page 62", points out that Lee Smolin`s book "The Life of the Cosmos"; argues that each Black Hole in our Universe is in effect a doorway to another universe. Is the cosmic microwave background of our Universe due to a Black Hole`s Big Crunch? And do we exist within a BlackHole, within a larger preexisting universe? If in Discworld each Turtle(universe)is standing on another Turtle, why not have more than one stack of Turtles supporting the one`s above them?

Does it have to be a circle

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On the other hand,"Endless universe, by P.J.Steinhardt & N.Turok" Suggests our Universe could be just a repeat," cyclic model ".If you think it`s all happened before maybe your right! If subatomic particles are created as the two, or more Branes collide, maybe some stay strung together longer than others as the Branes separate, you could be in two branes at the same time. Unless random gravity waves separate you slightly in time, then you might be in the future and the present??

Does it have to be a circle

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You really are interested in space-time theory...

I loved science of discworld's books. Very nice theories explained there.
All things narrativum :P!!!

I like the theory i read: the universe as an inifinite thing is a balloon made of cloth patched together. If u press one of the cloth u'll get another part of the universe. The new cloth expansion beggining with a "big bang".

Black holles are a physic thing. If you are aware of the physical laws that compose our universe, black holles must exist.

In terms of quantic size: branes, bosons, stragelids, anti-something electron or photon things...all cool. But we can't explain why they "are" (probably in the end all stands to energy=light photons variations of existence).

I don't like the cyclic model.... caos theory proves it wrong. You can't have two major events alike, there will always be something different.

Future and present...and past.. all things transform, maybe there are no such thing. Evrything is just a disturbance in a lake, a lake that has no future no past, no present, just a now. If u disturbe it, something happens, but in an infinite time...what happens does not matter, the lake will always be. (sorry, went a bit phylosophical)

If i live for an enormous quantity of time (millenia) i'll try to build a jupiter size thing made of iron and i'll try to travel to millions of years in the future and see what happens...

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