A Conversation for Breast Cancer


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Anything new on etiology or predisposition? Always important in prevention and early recognition. For example, the viruses most frequently implicated in breast cancer (and cervical and colon cancer) are herpes family viruses (some of which can be food poisoning vectored), so if one has a history, elevated alertness is indicated. Also frequently implicated is Epstein-Barr (mononucleosis) virus. This one is comparatively rare, thankfully, and can produce an appearance rather like that of the multibreasted form of Diana of Ephesus. (Many of the classical temples served as asylums or sanctuarys for people with serious medical afflictions.) I've actually seen this one, affecting a rather old (male) English Sheep Dog who'd been recently hit by a car. It made him look (superficially) like a nursing female. Many tears shed when the old boy had to be put down.

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