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Can someone write an entry about how to undo the damned things?

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The Alexander/Gordonian knot approach always works smiley - smiley
BCNU - Crescent

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How true smiley - smiley

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Jim diGriz

No, that's knot true at all.

smiley - smiley

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There's an old story: a driver stops and asks a local how to get to a distant town. The local replies "If you want to go there I wouldn't be starting from here".

To untie a difficult knot, start with a knot that CAN be untied. For example, a simple overhand knot can be used to stop the end of a rope running out of a pulley or eye, but after a bit of use will be near impossible to untie. If you tie a figure of eight knot (add an extra twist) instead you will always be able to untie it. Similarly, using an overhand knot in a bight of rope to form a loop will make untying very hard, so use a bowline or trucker's knot to ease the task. Lots of people by mistake use a granny knot instead of a reef knot (remember - left over right; right over left!). A granny is hard to untie, a reef knot is easy

Faced with a tight overhand knot or granny, use a knife!

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