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that's Bracknell in a nutshell

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Sanity FM

Having lived in Bracknell for my whole life, i feel the only reason i remain here is because i live here and work here and go to school here. I don't think that means i have to enjoy it though. "Greggs" does good sandwhiches though, and if you're game for a laugh you can try walking into "Pegasus Pizzas" in priestwood and asking them if they sell pies.

that's Bracknell in a nutshell

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Freddy, Keeper Of The Word "fnar!". Back from the Underworld.

Stay away from the Great Hollands estate. I know people who have lived in it for years and even they won't venture out at night without an armed escort, preferably a couple of gunships and a GPMG.

Also, and maybe this is a matter of personal perception but it has always seemed to me that for a town so fond of roundabouts, the people of Bracknell seem to be woefully undertrained in how to use them. There would often be no attempt at signalling whatsoever, and where there was it would often be incorrect, and the idea that the left hand lane is for traffic turning right seems plain stupid.

Apart from The Point and The Peel Centre, Bracknell is also home to Coral Reef, which, as I recall, is not a bad swimming pool provided you prefer water-slides to doing lengths of the pool.

Oh, and the kebab van in Crown Wood is pretty good.

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