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The most evil band????

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Twisted Genius

Look, I like these guys, although I only ever owned three albums (Blood, Fire, Death; Hammerheart; Twilight of the Gods) and they were stolen some years back, but to call them the most evil band????????

Admittedly, Blood, Fire, Death is the beginning of there Viking period, with a few (from memory) of the songs in the style that would become prevalent on Hammerheart, but the rest is pretty much cacophonic white noise. The "Viking-style" is pretty much where they found their mark. Bands like Entombed, Sadistik Execution, Obituary and Morbid Angel all sounded more "evil" (whatever that IS supposed to mean, anyway).

I realise I'm showing my age with these bands, but they're of the same time period.

Also, I hate to be picky, but when you were listing the line-up, you forgot Quorthorn's dog.

The most evil band????

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The Iron Maiden

I believe the most evil band in the world to be BURZUM - in terms of ideology, and turning words into action, Varg Vikernes went above and beyond what is acceptable. I'd love to see those nu-metal posers boasting how "bad-ass" they are try and better that....

When you first got into Bathory, you can't help thinking it was the rawest, most twisted thing you ever heard! Although, I myself must admit - a lot of the early Bathory songs really are s**t! Thank god Marduk redid In Conspiracy With Satan and Woman Of Dark Desires!

The most evil band????

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Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man

I disagree. Mayhem were the evilest. them crazy norweigan church burners!

The most evil band????

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These days I must concur with Mayhem smiley - winkeye but that old Grand Declaration Of War weren't really a patch on De Mysteriis...still, I loved the whole thing with knocking a fan out with a sheep's skull :D

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