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Well, to stir up some discussion, I showed this to a colleague who went there and she replied:

Hmm, what they fail to mention is
- the uni is hidden away on top of one of the hills because it is so ugly and Bath planners didn't like to mess up their 'elegant and architecturally distinguished' city.
- the parade may be highly functional, but it is the single most unappealing feature of the whole place.
- the real meaning of DBA is Do Bugger All, which most students of that course adhere to religiously.

A Bath graduate's views

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Dancing Ermine

In order,

- Well it was built in the 1960s, not a decade renowned for architectural taste...smiley - winkeye
- The Parade at least manages to hide the slightly dingy ground floor buildings. The least appealing aspect is probably the walk up the 9 stories in the tower blocks, especially as the lifts hardly ever work.
- The original articles were one on the University itself and a separate one on the DBA course. It did mention the nickname (how do you think I could spare the time to write this in the first place smiley - winkeye) but also the reason the engineers feel that way smiley - bigeyes

The original article was http://www.h2g2.com/A299333

A Bath graduate's views

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Perhaps it's a no-brainer to you, but I'm impressed that you knew she was an engineer!!

Actually, though, I don't see any reference to the nickname. Too sensitive? smiley - tongueout

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

It is alluded to in this paragraph...

There is intense rivalry - one-upmanship - between people taking this course and the ones studying engineering

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

Greer viewed as "spiritual mum"
A 19-year-old student who wanted to adopt Germaine Greer as a "spiritual mother figure" was today placed on probation for two years after admitting harassing the academic and feminist icon.
Karen Burke, a student at Bath University, attacked the writer at her home near Saffron Walden, Essex, after sending her distressing correspondence over a period of four months, magistrates heard.

*Should we blame the food?*

A Bath graduate's views

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Spiritual Warrior

I went to Bath for a year (and then dropped out - dull engineering courses smiley - winkeye ). The campus *is* incredibly ugly. Sort of squats on top of the hill like some grey gargoyle.

It's a long way up the hill from town as well - I have been at Keele Uni for the past 5 years, and people complain that that is a long way from town. Pah!

City is fantastic though. Is Bog Island still there?

DBA's didn't have quite the poor reputation of the Sociologists though. But then who does anywhere? smiley - winkeye

A Bath graduate's views

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Bath University Campus? Like a car park, but without the charm.

And yes, it's a bloody long way from the town, up a serious hill. But for some reason (probably alcohol induced) walking up that hill always seemed like a good idea (at the time)

I'm sorry to say that Bog Island is no more. For those not 'in the know', Bog Island is the preferred name for The Island Club. Why Bog Island? Well, back in the good ol' days, public toilets were built underground. Some bright spark thought to himself "Hmmm, public toilets... that'd make a good nightclub venue...", so he (and it must have been a man, no woman could come up with such a stupid idea) found himself some public toilets on a traffic island in the centre of Bath and called it 'The Island Club'. The rest is history (rather like the club itself)

Some happy memories:
The low ceilings of Bog Island dripping with... something (I just *don't* want to know...)
Grabbing yourself a pint by just walking up to the bar and taking whatever was on the counter - when 200-odd people decide to party in a toilet, nobody notices that their pint's gone missing.

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The Crazy Chemist

At the risk of being linched by the majority of the people posting here, I have to say I actually like Bath Uni. So much so that after a 4 year course here I have stayed on to do a PhD.

Although the university is not as attractive as the city itself, it is better looking than some other universities. It is reletivly new so the achitecture is not going to be to the same standard as the Roman Buildings in Bath itself. Just look at some of the new buildings in town they're gastly.

The campus is small and as a result you end up socialising with a wide range of people. Some universities are so large that the only people you meet are doing the same course as you. The small size also means that lecture sizes are small 60-100 people per lecture as opposed to nearlly 200 in some universities.

As far as the union is concerned it is fantastic. So much to get involved in. URB the unions radio station has just receiced permison to broadcast Low Power AM which means total campus coverage and a fair way into town.

Ok thats me done

A Bath graduate's views

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Spiritual Warrior

Didn't say I didn't *like* Bath Uni - quite the contrary. Just found the course I was doing incredibly dull.

City is great - some fantastic underground (in the literal sense) nightclubs. I'd imagine Bog Island was shut due to safety reasons - imagine a fire in there...

Is Moles still there? Great live venue as I recall, in one of the many vaulted cellars the bath nightclub scene seemed quite fond of.

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