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buffy is gone forever

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i don't know about anyone else but i was devastated at the ending of buffy forever. we all knew that it was coming but when it finally did it was a massive shock! does anybody else feel the same way?

buffy is gone forever

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Re Buffy ,in denial and still spoiler free but smiley - hug in the meantime

I've read HP smiley - biggrin will that be any sort of distraction?

Love Peanut xx

buffy is gone forever

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I do actually! but I always hoped that even sarah michelle gellar terminated her contract, eliza dushku( faith ) would be the prima-donna of the series and i was ok with "faith the wampire slayer"( consider my situation).But joss whedon killed my hopes first by showing that faith cannot be a leader of the scooby gang, and then in the last episode he also terminated the institution of being a slayer. so all my hopes lie within Angel. I really appreciate Joss whedon's productions.smiley - wah

buffy is gone forever

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Welcome to h2 Po. I'm still unspoiled as far as Buffy/Angel are concerned so am going to scoot smiley - run lol

Love peanut xx

spin-off rumours

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Riding Shotgun

A rumor came flying around the States last year regarding a planned British spin-off of Buffy titled "Ripper," and staring Anthony Head (Giles). Is this just wishful thinking by those going through Joss Whedon withdrawel, or is there any truth to it.

spin-off rumours

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Detective Armani

as far as i know, it's on the back burner for the moment. hope it comes about though. all the cameo appearances would be fab. smiley - winkeye

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