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An entry on St Albans which misses the essentials, I'm sorry to say. For example, the school (founded in 948 AD), the start of CAMRA (hurrah - and within spitting distance of the school), The Goat , the Abbey, last resting place of the former Bishop, Lord Runcie, the street-of-two-Bishops, Romeland, where the bishops of St Albans and Hertford have their being, the Roman road which goes form Dover to St Albans and St Albans to Holyhead, the near-perfect Roman hypocaust, the Eleanor cross which nobody knows about, the Moot Hall which once housed Parliament and is now W H Smith's, the late lamented Wedge's yacht chandlers, Bennet's motor factors, prop. Dave Bennet, and the fact that it's really pronounced "Snorbens".

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