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I totally disagree!

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I'm not really here

"they produce dog poo. However, it is unfair to blame the canine population; it is the responsibilty of the dog owner"

I don't care what you say, it is not my responsibility to produce dog poo. smiley - silly

That reads a little funny, even though I have removed the paragraph. It's the dog's responsibility to produce poo. And *sometimes* it's my responsibility to clear it up. There are places where you don't have to.

I totally disagree!

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I'm not really here

I disagree with this bit actually - Do not take dogs into parks that have children's playgrounds.

Most of the parks near me have kids playgrounds in them, but they are fenced off, and they also have large green areas to play catch with the dog, let it have a good run, and often some woddy bits to stroll through.

It's a bit harsh if you can't take the dog *and* the kids to the park at the same time.

I totally disagree!

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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

That's true, kids enjoy playing with dogs in the park and exercising both at the same time in a park is good for busy folk and it is fun.

But it is like alot of things, because some people can't be responsible then it ruins it for everyone.

Dogs are pretty regular. Our JRT used to go about 10 minutes into his walk twice a day so once he had been we knew he wasn't likely to need to go again. (Of course there will always be unavoidable accidents.)

After he had been then we went to the park/swings/ or for a run on the sports field.

We have a small park near me which has a remarkable variety of childrens entertainment - climbing frames etc... but the patch of grass isn't fenced off and dogs just run free around the whole lot. In fact half the people that live next to it just open the door and let the dogs walk themselves smiley - cross Come to think of it they do the same with their young kids.

Local councils are responsible for designating which areas are dog friendly and which need to be poop scooped, so they will vary from place to place.

I totally disagree!

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I'm not really here

All the kids areas are fenced in in my town I think. Probably to keep the people safe from the kids. smiley - winkeye

My dog just goes as soon as he's off the lead, and after dinner at tea time. I prefer after lunch myself. smiley - whistle

I totally disagree!

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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

Eww! smiley - laugh

I am more of a Thursday girl myself! - smiley - laugh it is not one of my strong points smiley - rofl

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