A Conversation for Tattoo Safety

Before you even THINK about getting inked.

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Before anyone even considers the idea of getting a tattoo, I STRONGLY suggest you visit the Body Modification E-zine at http://www.bmezine.com and read up. It's an excellent source of information about piercings, tattoos, and other body mods, and a must-read for anyone considering getting modded. It's better to go into this kind of thing with a head full of knowledge.

Before you even THINK about getting inked.

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Also be absolutly sure that what you get is something you can live with for life. Tattoos can be removed but it is more painful then getting a tattoo and usually leaves scars. Coverup tattoos don't work very well because the colors do bleed out and you can still see the old tattoo under the coverup.

Before you even THINK about getting inked.

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Another good idea is to only get tattoos where they can be easily hidden. I have two and plan on getting at least two more, but they are only visible when I wish them to be. One is inside my left ankle and the other is on my right shoulder. I can show them off when I wish, but I can hide them when going on a job interview or to a professional gathering.

Before you even THINK about getting inked.

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As a non-tattooed but pierced individual, I would add the samw words of advice when it comes to any from of body adornment. Go somewhere reccomended, somewhere that you feel good about. Just because piercings can be removed doesn't mean they should be spur of the moment decisions.
My final words on the subject:
don't be pressured into or put off anything by anyone - the people who dissaprove of mine dissaprove of lots of outher stuff I do.
Tounge pirecings are great - and they make pulling very easy.
If your in the North West of England, I'd reccomend A Preston based studio Contemporary Body Adornement. Very Cool People.

Before you even THINK about getting inked.

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If you're in Cardiff, the best place to go to is Tattoo U on Witchurch Road.

All of my friends reccomended that place to me and it is definitely the best tattoo parlour in Cardiff.

Before you even THINK about getting inked.

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Many people have become aware of the need to ensure that their friendly tattooist uses clean needles and wears gloves, but a little know fact is that most tattoists don't use fresh ink each time and therefore this can become a point of contamination. Please make sure that your tattoist either decants the ink for use onto or into a separate steralised vial and uses this rather that inking up from his stock supply. Just a thought.

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