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Safe Tattoo & Body Piercing Practices

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Further to the previous article, it is also worth noting that the majority of Tattooists/Piercers will make a point of removing the needle they use from its sterilised packaging in front of you, so that you can see that the needle has previously been unused.

The quality of workmanship from a tattooist can usually be found in the studio, where a portfolio can be seen on public display. A tattooist who does not display his own work is usually not worth using.

Tattoo magazines are also usually a good source for finding artists in your area, and of course, if you are still unsure, ask around - if you see people with tattoos, they are usually proud of the art they have collected and will be happy to tell you who has 'inked' them.

Safe Tattoo & Body Piercing Practices

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The article also advocates the use of latex gloves in tattoo shops, but most tattooists know that they can cause allergic reactions in some people. A much better alternative would be nitrile gloves.

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Safe Tattoo & Body Piercing Practices

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