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Something bugging me...

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Hi St Cheese! Mustapha here with just a couple of extremely pedantic points that have been gnawing away at my cerebral cortex.

About the phrase 'In 622 AD, of the Christian era,':

1) While it's not general practice these days, it *is* technically correct to write AD 622, even moreso since a preceding date in this Entry already uses this form. It looks silly to switch styles in the middle of an article.

2) Since AD or Anno Domini means 'In the year of Our Lord' (which is why it's written before the date), it means the same thing as 'of the Christian era'. So having both is unnecessary. In fact it's probably better to have AD as it's shorter and simple language is the key to good journalism.

Hope I haven't trod on your toes at all, Cheese, you *are* the subeditor after all. But sometimes I have to speak when I see something out of whack. smiley - smiley

Something bugging me...

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The Cheese

Hi. First off, you're lucky I saw this; I don't usually look at my Entrys' fora.

Secondly, for most problems called to my attention by Researchers, I usually e-mail Anna concerning it. However, in this instance, it's a grammatical question as opposed to a factual error, and I'm goin got let the PTB (powers that be) work with it on their own.

But thanks anyway smiley - smiley.

~~The Cheese

Something bugging me...

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Researcher 3705245

i think you'll find that the true word of the prophet mohammed (pbum)can be found on his official website...


may allah bless you all with a thousand camels

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