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Taking one's hat off.

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As far as I understand, when you're inside in Australia, you are supposed to remove your hat as a sign of respect for those fallen at Gallipoli and after.

I only know about this from a school techer, but I believe it is part of the dress-code at RSL (Returned Serviceman's League) clubs.

Taking one's hat off.

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Generally speaking, the wearing of hats in Australia is a very casual affair. Most Aussies don't wear them, which is kind of silly, especially since we are the skin cancer capital of the world. Never mind.

You should definately take your hat off when indoors, and most especially when in an RSL club. In the former, people will tend to think you're strange and in the latter, that you are rude. Also you should absoultely NEVER drive with a hat on, as most Volvo drivers tend to do this...and Volvo drivers have a terrible reputation in this country.

As for this custom deriving from the Galipoli heritage...I can't say that I've heard that before.

Taking one's hat off.

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Apparition™ (Mourning Empty the best uncle anyone could wish for)

It's not a good thing but NZ is the skin cancer capitol. The leading cause of cancer death here.

RSA's always have a dress code. Taking you hat off inside is polite and (I think) predates WWI.

Taking one's hat off.

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Keith Miller yes that Keith Miller

Taking into account the date of the this entry all I can say is that you can not, full stop , wear a hat on your head in an RSL Club.
If you were silly anough to do so then you will have the unenviable task of 'shouting the Bar' and God help you if you choose Friday night raffles to wear your hat...

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